Chris Dunnaway’s appreciation for architecture and photography came at different stages in his life. Growing up in Los Angeles, California, Chris was surrounded by iconic structures such as Bullock’s Wilshire, the Natural History Museum, and the Griffith Park Observatory, not to mention places like Johnie’s, Bob’s Big Boy, and Ship’s restaurants, which are described as “Googie” architecture.

While honorably serving in the United States Coast Guard, Chris discovered his passion for photography. Upon his return home from his military service, his fascination with photography continued to grow. However, it really became evident during his travels abroad.

Eventually his international travels would take him to great cities like Paris, London, Edinburgh, Belfast, and small towns in Central America. It was during those adventures that Chris’ appreciation for architecture and photography really developed. And thus, the seed was planted!

Architecture in those cities held a special place in Chris’s heart. But it was his earlier academic studies of the French language and culture where he would learn about architectural elements such as the “flying buttresses” of Notre Dame, the ornate color palate of Des Invalides, and ornamental repeating designs of the famous bridges beautifully traversing the River Seine in Paris.

So when Chris embarked on a new career path after relocating to the Pacific Northwest, it was only natural that he would combine his two passions to pursue a career in architectural photography.